Posted by Matthew Weaver on 24th Oct 2019

Coastal Craft Shaping Exhibition 2019

Ryan LeBoss at the Inaugural Coastal Craft Shape Off

Earlier in the summer we received a call from Moment Surf Shop in Pacific City that puts on the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic surf contest every September. This year they wanted to add a surfboard shaping and building exhibition to the contest and asked if we would be willing to support it.  Of course we said YES!!

We built 2 shaping booths for the exhibition (called Coastal Craft) including building new lightboxes and adjustable shaping stands (available for purchase soon). The booths featured clear plastic walls on 3 sides so that spectators could observe the shapers at work and a black back wall.

The event was a huge success, the shapers loved it, the spectators loved it, and I really enjoyed getting to watch 6 different shapers come in and work their magic.  Each has a different method and process but all put out really good shapes.  

Mike Hall from Blackfern Surfboard Tuning in the Rail